Cozumel, Mexico – 2008

2008. The first year out of University. Since then, life has been non-stop demanding. It’s been almost 10 years. I can’t remember how I felt during this time of my life, but I remember what I was passionate about — which was making new memories and documenting a life that I wanted. That’s changed a bit since, but hopefully I can find my way back.

I can’t remember who took what photo, but I do recall taking the shedding iguana, the sunsets and the single portrait photo. The others could’ve been taken by me or my travel companion.

A Road Trip to Invermere

I had a final at 6pm in 3 days and I had just bombed the final I took earlier that day. So I took a road trip at 3 in the morning to Invermere with my best friend and roommate, studied on the beach for 2-3 hours, saw some sights on the way back, then drove to my next final.

I got an 83%, and an album full of memories.